From the "Gooder-ized" golfers


Gooder Golf partners up with PXG Golf

Gooder Golf has become a dealer for PXG Golf (Parsons Xtreme Golf) products. This is a very exciting opportunity to fit and build some of the finest ULTRA high-end golf clubs the world has ever seen.

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AGCP announces LEVEL 10 certification for Bert Reich



The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals recently issued a press release to announce that Bert Reich (Gooder Golf) attained LEVEL 10 status in the field of golf clubfitting and clubmaking. Bert was the second AGCP member in Canada to reach this level.



Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals


First Heading or Title

September 16, 1926

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First Heading or Title

September 16, 1926

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The "Gooder-ized" folks speak......... does that make them "Gooder-ites"???? Okay then, the Gooder-ites speak.......


Here is a "condensed" version of some of the comments I have received;


Brian G (Regina, SK) .....(or `Geebs`as we call him in our little circle of golfers).

I was a big believer that if it wasn't a "Brand" name club, it was garbage. Well I got my eyes opened when I came out for my fitting. You measured up my old irons and said "Fruit Salad". Some clubs only had 2 degrees difference while some were over 6 degrees apart. No wonder I was having trouble with my yardage. And I paid big bucks for them!

After my fitting you built me a beautiful set of Alpha Irons with Step-less shafts. Well here is a progress report for you. In 2014 with my "Brand" name irons I shot 14 rounds in the 70's out of 137 total rounds. (Approx. 10%). In 2015 with my properly fit irons I shot 27 rounds in the 70's out of 110 rounds. (25%). (Bert's comments - The 25% was not a fluke, as "Geebs" is maintaining his 25% average in the 70's for the 2016 season again - yay!)

I don't fully understand the technical side of how 'MOI' works, and I don't really care. I just look at the results and smile from ear to ear. So thank you for all the time and effort you put into each and every club you build.

Oh, and I'll be calling to book a fitting for new woods.

Brian G.

Tim Fraser (Lloydminster, AB)

Tim was a regular 100+ golfer, he sent me this note about 2 months after receiving his new clubs;

"Hey Bert,

Just wanted to give you an update on how the clubs have been treating me so far. I don’t think I have to explain too much as the numbers will do all the talking for me…. 99, 98, 97, 94, 92, and an 84 even!!! So that’s 6 rounds under 100 just this season whereas I believe that is more than my lifetime total if I remember correctly and a personal best I thought I wouldn’t get around to seeing for another year or so!! The game is still not perfect for me yet but there’s a significant improvement! Guys I usually golf with are telling me that I’ve improved quite a bit since last year and it feels like I’m playing better and have the scores to back it up. Much more good golf to come! Again I thank you for everything.



Thank you very much for the kind words Tim. Talk about a dedicated golfer - Tim drove about 7 hours (each way = 14 hours total) for his fitting!

Mrs. Cec Botkin (Regina, SK) - another one of the Gooder Gals

Hi Bert

Feeling comfortable with my clubs. Getting more height and better 2nd shots
Practicing my putting at home using your tips.
I love my new clubs!

Thanks again,


My pleasure Cec - as it turns out we have some ties between close family friends and relatives - what a small world eh?

Nelson Wagner (Regina, SK)

I love the clubs and it shows every time I play with my friends and new folks alike. The clubs are noticed and the consistency of my play with them is often remarked upon with envy. When I do get asked about using a 5 iron when they are using a 7 iron, I ask them about the loft of their club and they give me a blank stare and say nothing. They know I have invested time and money in learning the game and in the great equipment I have with the scoring results to prove it.

I now have a handicap factor of 12.9, the lowest of my life with scores between 81 and 88 in my counting scores. I could not be more pleased with my set and you have been very helpful in giving me club options so I could experiment and get better.


Awesome feedback Nelson, thank you! Nelson is a bit of a tiger and a fighter.......... all for the RIGHT reasons. Keep fighting the good fight mister!

Les Howard

The finished product in terms of workmanship and appearance is superb - Quality of workmanship and a knowledgeable fitter is worth every penny you pay.  Gooder Custom Golf delivers!

Mr. Bill A (Regina, SK)

Just got back from a christening of the new clubs........and WOW! I love the driver as it was going straight and long as well and the feel of the clubs were great also.

Clint Ludtke (Edmonton, AB)

What a game changing experience! Since I had my clubs made by Gooder Custom Golf Clubs my game has drastically improved and I no longer leave the course frustrated. I recently entered my first golf tournament where I won the longest drive with 310 yards. I never thought that getting proper clubs would change my game that drastically. Thanks to Gooder Custom Golf Clubs I am confident in my golf game.

Ben Rempel (Saskatoon, SK)

"My game improved dramatically after I got the clubs. The mixture of the new swing and the clubs really helped!" I went down to the local golf store to browse their selection. First thing they asked was how much I was willing to spend on a set of clubs. After I told them, they immediately went to the set that was the same amount, even slightly more than what I had told them. They didn't ask me anything about my abilities. I browsed their store for over 2 hours that day and didn't come out with any more knowledge than what I went in with. That's when I decided to get a custom set -that way the club ACTUALLY fits my swing. We ran across Bert's custom clubs website, and 2 weeks later we drove down to Regina (from Saskatoon) and I got fitted. When I got there, Bert's first question wasn't about how much money I had to spend, but wanted me to show him how I was swinging a club. He even gave me helpful hints that made sense and improved my swing. He then proceeded to measure me up to make sure the clubs were going to be perfect for me. There is a lot more to this game than I realized at first. Thanks to him I now laugh at the people that just go buy off the rack golf clubs and expect that marvelous change in their game. I would highly recommend getting a custom set of clubs, whatever skill level you may be.... Ben

That was back in 2009 - fast forward a few years, some bugger stole Ben's clubs, so he came back for "round two".....

Hey Bert! ABSOLUTELY love the clubs!! The driver is finally dead straight! I already shot 2 strokes better than I have before! Everything is coming together!!!

Rob "Ace" Allin (Regina, SK)

I call Rob "Ace" now, 'cuz shortly after his new set was born, he carded his first hole-in-one!

This was my first custom golf fitting and I did enjoy the one on one attention. I thought the fitting was very professional and complete in every aspect of the stance, grip, swing, sweet spot, loft and lie for the clubs. I waited to write this as I enjoyed using the clubs VERY much when I first received them. The first few rounds I played with the clubs, my score did drop nearly 5 strokes. I did want to get a good number of rounds in before telling everyone. Well after about thirty rounds I know the clubs helped lower my score by an average of 3.4 strokes per round. The instant feed back from the clubs at impact helped improve my confidence over the ball. New clubs also allowed me to spin the ball more and stop it from almost anywhere. Having the clubs built at 4 degree intervals also allowed for awesome distance control and accuracy. Originally, when I received the clubs I made my 1st hole in one. I thought this was incredible, and knew the clubs had something to do with it. Well, after 30 more rounds I can honestly say that all my approach shots are closer to the pin. I used to shoot for a circle of 30 feet around the pin and be happy. Now most shots from within 150 yds are within 15-20 feet. This is incredible as a lot of bogeys become pars and some pars are becoming birdies. Custom clubs truly have had an impact on game. I'm not tour ready but my handicap will move from double digits into the single digits!!!! Rob Allin

Bob Rempel (Saskatoon, SK, now located in B.C.)

I spent the better part of an afternoon hitting golf balls as Bert fine tuned his demonstration 6 iron with multiple shafts with different swing characteristics. Each shaft change improved my consistency, and it wasn’t until I was producing nothing but ‘on center’ hits that Bert was content.

Results – I have never hit as many fairways per round as I do now. On the practice driving range I always warm up aiming at the 150 yard marker, and in 18 years I had never actually hit the marker until this year. Now I’m all around the marker and with regularity ring one of it. I keep track of ball imprints on my club faces, and they are consistently around the sweet spot. The number of “feel good shots” per round is way up! And that’s what the game is all about. Thanks Bert!

Bogey Bob


Update 2016 - Bob now has a new name, it is Bob "Ace" Rempel

In Bob's words - "they went and stuck a hole in the way of my ball from 192 yards out". Congrats Bob!!! Those darn aces are hard to come by for sure, it's moments like this that make ya wanna go back and try this wonderful game again.


Mr. Howard Flegel (Regina, SK)

We did a set of irons and a driver for Howard about 4 years ago (2012). In 2016 we did a driver touch-up and added a FW wood and hybrid to the mix to cover a couple of distance "holes". Howard was referred to me by his buddy above ("Bogey" now "Ace" Bob Rempel).

Howard writes:


I finally got out and was able to swing the clubs. I know you talk about all of the science that goes into proper club making but I'm pretty sure you put some extra mojo into these babies. I am hitting my driver like never before (longer and straighter) and I am impressed with your suggestions for the other 2 clubs. The hybrid fairway feels light in the hands but has a powerful launch. This fills the gap nicely and gives me some flexibility at the tee box for tight corners and those in between distances.

I only hit the hybrid 2 twice but both times it was ..... hard to describe. The ball rockets out just like all of my long irons but the club itself has a unique feel that I really like. The launch is straight with a modest trajectory which is also something new for me.(which if you know me and my swing I tend to put a lot of air under the ball and still get great distance).

I hope to play again on Monday and Tuesday and I am excited to get out again - keep hitting these new tools. These clubs are going to change my game and Bob is going to be beside himself once my clubs make the trip out West. He felt I was already hitting the ball too far with the clubs you built me 4 years ago ... and these 2 additions are just icing on the cake.

Once again thank you so much for being good at what you do. I couldn't be happier with the result. Well Done Sir!


Awww, shucks - you're gonna make me blush Howard - a heart felt THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the kind words.

Todd Schick (St. Brieux, SK)

I now understand the same swing for every club idea - During one of my early practice sessions with the clubs I was trying to do just that and it worked - I said to myself, “well, that was easy”. I’m hitting the ball solidly nearly all the time. I did get a few comments from some playing partners like, “wow, that sounded crisp”. I also heard, “Wishon? Never heard of them.” But, that doesn’t concern me. My irons and driver were spot on nearly the entire round, 74, which is my personal best. There's not an iron in my bag now that I don't like to hit. I hit the 4 iron so well that I think I could hit a frickin 1 iron made by you! I hit em straight or with a slight draw.

Derek T (Regina, SK) - AKA "Scratch", AKA "Ace"

I have been an avid golfer for 11 years now. My passion for the game enabled me to get my handicap down to low single digits. I figured one way to gain an edge and to continue improving was to get properly fitted for clubs. This led me to Gooder Golf, and I’m sure glad it did. I’ve seen fitting sessions done before and I knew what took place but Bert takes it to a another level, the use of a launch monitor, precisely made prototypes and a wealth of knowledge ensure no detail is missed. I felt confident that after working with Bert that I would have the best clubs for ME. I was not disappointed, in fact the exact opposite. The first round with the new clubs was my first ever bogey free round. Some good, consistent golf followed for some 20 rounds or so and then I shot my career low round of 64 at Tor Hill, a full 4 shots better than my previous best. My handicap has gone from a 2 to a scratch in that time, more importantly, I got over that hump that I was stuck at for years and I’m enjoying the game more now than ever. As long as Bert is in the business there is NO ONE I will trust with my clubs, his attention to detail and knowledge is second to none. Thanks again my friend. Sincerely, DT

Update May/2011 - Derek earned the "Ace" nickname by carding his first hole-in-one! Congrats!

Update 2012 - Another new set of clubs for Derek, and his best scoring average season ever, plus a club championship - not bad!

Update 2016 - Yet another new set of clubs for Derek (single length this time), and another club championship - congrats again Derek!

Leanne R (Regina, SK) - one of the Gooder Gals

When I made the decision to get new clubs this spring, I certainly wanted to get the best I could find. Doing my research I discovered that the clubs in the stores are not the clubs you think they are. The pro's are not hitting the clubs that are being sold in by the retail outlets. They get all custom made clubs that are fine tuned. So why would I want a standard box set of clubs when I could get a set of custom fine tuned clubs. I found Bert and after a some correspondence by email, I was chomping at the bit to get my clubs made. I spend an afternoon with Bert getting fitted for my clubs. He was very careful to make sure I was satisfied with each step. I picked up my clubs a couple of weeks later and they have been nothing but fun! My golf game has never been better. The clubs give me confidence to try all the shots and not shy away from anything. I not only have a great set of clubs but I also have a new friend. I look forward to spending time with Bert and his wife next year on the golf course. I have had such a great summer golfing. Last weekend I had the game of my life - the best round I have ever shot.

Lorraine K (Regina, SK) - another Gooder Gal

I LOVE the clubs. Irons, wow I have not hit irons so well, good ball flight on all clubs. They felt so comfortable in my hands and the craziest thing out of all of this is each iron feels the same, doesn’t matter which one I have in my hands it feels the same as the previous one. Just like you had said to me that each club would feel the same. The markings on the clubs are indicating I am hitting more towards the middle. I checked out my driver and I have white markings on the bottom in the middle area from the tees, so I am thinking this means I am hitting the middle of the club. So not just the markings on the clubs I can see where my balls are going and they are much straighter. Well I cannot wait to get out again, looking forward to club night and I have a feeling a few strokes will be coming off my score. How can you tell I am excited about the new clubs could it be the long email.....lol I only can get better and I am looking forward to see what happens the next time I am out. You must of had a good talk with my set as they are behaving quite nicely. :)

Jean Johns (Regina, SK) - another one of the Gooder Gals

I do love the clubs & have lowered my handicap about 8 strokes, It is just great to pick up a club & have confidence in what it will do.

Brad Benroth (Regina, SK) - another fellow "lefty" (and all around swell guy)

2011 - I, like many other people you have fitted, am the proud owner of the finest set of clubs you could possibly ask for. I’m very grateful for the wonderful job you did, and I can’t wait to get out again.

2012 Update - My shots are flying to new heights, going straighter than ever and even picked up a few more yards per club. I could only imagine how good I could play if I got out more often. Thanks for the great work on the irons, they’re all working just fine. Oh, did I mention my fear of the sand trap is in the rear view mirror now? Also, I wore the logo off of my divot tool from hitting so many greens. Don’t ya just hate that? lol

Dr. Malcolm Banks (Swift Current, SK)

First round with the new clubs - the maiden voyage (75) June/2011; The driver is amazing. It is "quiet" in that a ball struck off the upper center of the face really flies but with a soft muted sound (hence 3 drives tonight of over 300yds) and even when mishit it goes over 250! The wedges are soft as butter but really give great spin and feel. The irons - first impressions are incredibly positive and I am already starting to believe in all this MOI matching "mumbo-jumbo". The only down side is that if I keep playing like this my handicap will take a beating!

Round two (74) June/2011; This MOI matching really does make the feeling from club to club very consistent and I hit the S800's today better than I have ever hit irons in my life. I am close to calling you a genius but I will know better after a dozen rounds rather than just two.

Club Championship - August/2011; I won the 3rd flight and the low senior net and missed the senior gross by 1 stroke - not a bad weekend for MRB and Goodergolf!

My handicap index has dropped to 6.6 (my lowest ever), and almost four points lower than it was before I got my "Gooder Golf" custom clubs . Not bad for a 67 year old who does not have enough time to practice anything like enough. I have never hit a driver as consistently well and long as my "Wishon" and I have total confidence in the irons. Everyone I play with is intrigued by my clubs. No-one has ever heard of Tom Wishon and when I talk about spine, FLO, MOI matching etc , I might as well be talking Swahili ! I am truly a believer - indeed I was from day 1 - but now I am getting accustomed to the clubs I am even more enthusiastic. Do not hesitate to use me as a reference for anyone who needs advice or encouragement to try Gooder Golf - they can phone or email at any time. Good golfing and thank you for these wonderful sticks, Malcolm.

Ryan V (Saskatoon, SK)

I decided to look into getting custom fit golf clubs for this season. Initially it was my driver troubles that led me in the custom fitting direction. I’m not very tall and found that all the drivers I could find off the shelf were to long for me. I was lacking the control off the tee I wanted and needed. I contacted Bert and he was gracious enough to spend about 3 hours of his time discussing club fitting with me. It was very comforting to know that before I ever made the decision to give Bert my business that he was willing to spend as much time as he did answering any questions I had about golf clubs and club fitting. In the end I was fitted for a driver, irons, wedges and later on hybrids.

I’m averaging around 8 yards more with my new driver and it’s actually an inch and a half shorter than what I was using before. My irons feel great and I have a consistent feeling with them throughout the set. I had a couple irons in my previous set that I was very inconsistent with. I always struggled to hit them well even on days that I was striking the ball well. Getting custom fit eliminated that issue for me. I feel really confident with any iron I have in my hand and I’m consistently hitting the sweet spot with my irons now.

Before I went to see Bert I bounced between a 6.5 to 5 handicap. At the end of the 2012 season I have lowered my index to a 3.5. I played a late night 9 holes the other day and carded a 4 under par. I had an eagle and two birdies. That’s 3 strokes better than I’ve ever shot after nine holes.

After working with Bert it was evident that his knowledge about his craft set him in a league of his own. What makes the experience even better is Bert is clearly a golf enthusiast (nut) like myself. He enjoys the process just as much as you will, and trust me it is a ton of fun to go through a fitting. In the end the quality of craftsmanship and results speak for themselves. Do your golf game a favor and give Bert a call.


Derek P (Esterhazy, SK)

Short 'n sweet - I love this game & your clubs!!!