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Gooder Golf partners up with PXG Golf

Gooder Golf has become a dealer for PXG Golf (Parsons Xtreme Golf) products. This is a very exciting opportunity to fit and build some of the finest ULTRA high-end golf clubs the world has ever seen.

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AGCP announces LEVEL 10 certification for Bert Reich



The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals recently issued a press release to announce that Bert Reich (Gooder Golf) attained LEVEL 10 status in the field of golf clubfitting and clubmaking. Bert was the second AGCP member in Canada to reach this level.



Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals


First Heading or Title

September 16, 1926

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First Heading or Title

September 16, 1926

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About Us:


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Bert Reich is the owner and operator of Gooder Custom Golf Clubs (aka Gooder Golf). Gooder Golf is located near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (about 15 miles outside of Regina) - but the boundaries of our service territory reach out far greater than just the Regina area. We've had customers drive or fly in from as far as 550 miles (approx. 900 KM) away for their own personal fitting experience. Approximately half of our customers come to us from outside the Regina area.

Aside from a daytime career, and being a dedicated husband and father - Bert's passion is EVERYTHING related to the game of golf - whether it be playing the game, fitting clubs to a golfer, or building clubs for a customer. I am always striving to find ways to improve clubfitting and club building techniques - I pursue and discuss this knowledge on a daily basis with my fellow members of the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP). AGCP is a world-wide organization of people just like me, clubfitters who are passionate about perfecting this craft and really making a positive difference for golfers. Our membership is made up of everything from beginning clubfitters, right up to several "elite" members - we are fortunate to have many of the best clubfitters on the planet in our group. We exchange information on a daily basis, many times very in-depth information about clubfitting and building. All of this is done in the name of helping and advancing our "craft", it truly is a science. I am very honoured to be part of the best clubfitting organization in the world, AGCP is the authority on clubfitting as far as I'm concerned. I am also very proud to be recognized by this dignified group as a LEVEL 10 clubfitter and club maker (as determined through my knowledge, experience, tooling and equipment, and of course testing). See press release at the bottom of this page.


How it all began:


Several years ago, when I retired from the sport of NHRA drag racing (my old passion), my new passion and love for the game of golf grew exponentially. I tried a great deal of different golf equipment to help me become more consistent and improve - more often than not it was the same old thing. My first and biggest "eye-opener" was when I took a trip to a driving range several years ago, armed with about 7 brand new drivers (with the wife's permission of course) - all brand name, and all were the newest, latest & greatest models. I'm thinking this is my opportunity to finally find "the one" ultimate performing driver I have been seeking. I was rather disappointed with this experiment - out of the 7 drivers I took with me, I hit one of them reasonably well, and one of them OK, but the rest (5) just didn't feel or perform "right" for me. I remember the trip home from the range that day, I was completely baffled - how can this be - I had the latest and best equipment you could buy (and not cheap stuff by any means), but only a small percentage of them were considered "playable" for me. My only thought was that there HAS to be more to this golf club stuff than all of the TV and magazine ads lead us to believe. They tell us that you buy this driver, or this iron, and you will play the best golf of your life - longer, straighter, easier to hit, lower scores....... buy these new snazzy products and everything will be beautiful. None of those ads ever did prove themselves true for me. Little did I know what that simple experiment was going to turn into. The more I started reading, studying, and learning about golf clubs and how they work, the more I realized I didn't know. Back in about 2001 or so, I even went as far as getting one of those "commercially convenient" custom "fittings???" from a local pro shop [they measured my swing speed, wrist-to-floor, and you hit a few golf balls for them with ONE golf club] - the process took about 20 minutes, and when we were finished "they" told me what I needed based on our rather "loose" test data. As a side-note, the fittings I perform average 3-4 hours for irons alone. In 2001, I spent about $1400.00 on a set of these snazzy "custom???" clubs (that was a lot of money back in those days, still is today). The result of these beautiful "custom???" clubs was 3-4 years of absolutely horrible, un-enjoyable golf, probably the worst of my life.

Knowing what I know now, the "right" clubs that I was incorrectly fitted for years ago were totally wrong for me and the way my body swings a golf club, they cost me a lot of money, and lead to several horrible, un-enjoyable rounds of golf. Kinda brings a tear to your eye don't it..... sniff sniff. There's light at the end of the tunnel...... read on.

To make a long story short - several years later, educational courses, tests, countless hours spent reading and studying, acquired knowledge, skill, experience, a couple of launch monitors, a TON of fitting gear, tooling & equipment, many shop experiments, many late nights out in the shop, and many golfer fittings later.... we've got a whole bunch of happy customers who have been "Gooder-ized". I'm included in that clan, as I now play the best golf of my life too - ever since getting the real "right" clubs into my hands (fit & built by me). I am not a tour quality golfer, nor do I aspire to be one, I just like.... no LOVE to play the game - but now I can play to my potential. I'm fortunate enough to be able to sneak into the 70's a few times each season, and for me anytime my scorecard starts with the magic number 7 is a pretty darn special day. I am convinced that using the proper golf equipment for YOU will improve your consistency and enjoyment of the game - this is where I can help you. Consider this - of all the sets of clubs I have built to date, I have yet to build two identical sets - why do you suppose that is?


AGCP Press Release:


AGCP Announces Certification Of Clubfitting Qualifications For Bert Reich

COLUMBUS, GA, January 11, 2012 -- Roy Nix, Executive Director of the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP), the world leader in the advancement of custom clubfitting and clubmaking is pleased to announce today the certification of Bert Reich of Regina, SK., Canada to the highest level of qualification in the AGCP short of becoming a Master.

Bert Reich, Certified as AGCP Level 10 Qualified
Bert Reich, owner of Gooder Custom Golf Clubs in Regina, SK., Canada has been a professional club fitter for over 8 years, and an AGCP member for the past 8 years.

Bert spends his daytime hours as part of the management team for his local Caterpillar dealer. Aside from being a husband, father, and homeowner the remainder of his spare time is dedicated to golf clubfitting, club building, and the never-ending pursuit of knowledge on how to fit/build the best possible golf clubs for his customers.

Bert spent 17 years as a professional NHRA drag racer. "Drag racing was my passion for many years; an endless pursuit to learn how and why the car worked, and how to improve it. People don't realize how much science can apply to the sport of racing cars" commented Bert. Bert retired from drag racing in late 2000 when his son was born, and directed that passion towards the game of golf. Shortly after developing a fondness for the game of golf, his quest for knowledge propelled him to learn and understand the science of how and why golf clubs work. "There is so much science and cool stuff involved with how golf clubs work, a great deal more than most people think", Reich stated.

Bert does his "performance based" fittings with the aid of a FlightScope launch monitor, and a barrage of fitting gear, which enables him over 6,200 possible head/shaft combinations to test fit with. Bert credits his membership in the AGCP with fueling his passion to learn and improve at the art of clubfitting and building.

Bert carries the highest quality golf components which include heads from Wishon, Alpha, and Swing Science, and shafts from Accra, KBS, FST, Swing Science, and Aerotech. His goal is to fit each of his customers as unique individuals and get the most consistent, best performing golf clubs into their hands. You can look Bert up at http://www.goodergolf.com and his email address is gooder@goodergolf.com

Requirements for Qualification at Level 10 are as follows:
Member of AGCP and has achieved Certification thru PCS or GCA testing, and/or has been building and fitting clubs for 5 or more years and/or appropriate schools or certification courses at PCS, Golfworks, Golfsmith, Mitchell, Dynacraft or attended Rifle or TT Black Gold Certification class. Member has a complete shop with hitting net, launch monitor, gauges for measuring shafts & heads and the ability to bend clubs to fit for loft and lie. Applicant's equipment must include Launch monitor or swing analysis equipment similar to FlightScope, Trackman, Golf Achiever, Vector, Zeolocity, or other recognized equipment for swing testing. Member has bending equipment for loft and lie on irons, appropriate shaft removal equipment, equipment to spine shafts and measure frequency of shafts. Member has the ability to swing weight fit or MOI fit sets of golf clubs and has the approved equipment for such matching techniques. Member also has video capability with video cameras and software and/or teaching capabilities. Written and/or Verbal testing is required for certification at this qualification level.

About the AGCP
Based in Columbus, GA, the AGCP is dedicated to the promotion and growth of custom fitting worldwide by providing classes, schools and conventions for the club fitting and club making industry. Our Roundtable Education Conference and Convention classes are certified by the PGA of America for MSR Credits for PGA Professionals. To learn more about the AGCP or to become a Member call 706.507.0095 or visit