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Gooder Golf partners up with PXG Golf

Gooder Golf has become a dealer for PXG Golf (Parsons Xtreme Golf) products. This is a very exciting opportunity to fit and build some of the finest ULTRA high-end golf clubs the world has ever seen.

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AGCP announces LEVEL 10 certification for Bert Reich



The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals recently issued a press release to announce that Bert Reich (Gooder Golf) attained LEVEL 10 status in the field of golf clubfitting and clubmaking. Bert was the second AGCP member in Canada to reach this level.



Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals


First Heading or Title

September 16, 1926

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First Heading or Title

September 16, 1926

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Welcome to Gooder Custom Golf Clubs. We are fitters and builders of Ultra-Premium golf clubs. We are located in the Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada area. I am an Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP) certified and qualified LEVEL 10 golf clubfitter & clubmaker. We custom fit, then custom engineer (blueprint) clubs made to fit you exclusively.

Our in-person "performance based" fittings are done with the aid of a FlightScope launch monitor. I also use specially prepared heads (6-irons, drivers, and wedges) with Club-Conex fittings so we can interchange several different shafts in the same clubhead. We currently have approximately 6400 total possible iron head/shaft combinations.

We're currently booking into April 2018 right now.


The Lowdown on ClubfittingI have created a summary of what's involved with a "Performance-Based" fitting. You can click the picture to the left to download a .pdf to keep for reference. Feel free to share it with anyone you think might find it useful.

I liken each clubfitting I perform to putting a picture puzzle together. We put all of YOUR specific pieces together and the final product is YOUR unique “fitting picture”. Each of us has a different looking finished “picture”. We can’t build the perfect set of clubs for you until we know what your “picture” is supposed to look like. That final picture is made up of about 20 or so pieces.

The only way to properly determine the correct pieces to YOUR clubfitting puzzle is through a performance-based fitting session, along with effective communication between yourself and your certified & qualified clubfitter. Since we all differ in ability, stature, and strength, we all cannot use the “standard???” off-the-rack golf clubs and expect to play to our potential, or improve for that matter.

Our goal through one of these “performance-based” fittings is to get you into a golf club that will produce (1) the highest percentage of on-center ball contact, (2) tightest shot dispersion/accuracy, (3) the most consistent performance/distance, and (4) the best FEEL for the golfer.

For irons, I have approximately 160 different shafts that I can inter-change with any one of about 35 different 6-iron heads – that gives us a possible 5600 combinations of head/shaft we can test with.  Why do I have so many?  The shafts range anywhere from 40 grams up to 140 grams for weight, graphite, steel, various flexes, and several different lengths we can test the golfer with.  It all matters!  Out of the lot, there will be one (perhaps two) that FEEL and perform better than all the others. If length, flex, and weight were not critical, I could get by with only one fitting shaft.

We observe the same phenomenon with clubheads – Once we determine the ideal length, flex, and weight of shaft for you, then we start testing different clubhead designs. There is always a particular design that you will hit better, and FEELS better to you than the others.  The only way to determine this is to test with them.

Many people don’t realize that if you change shaft weight by 5 or even 10 grams, it can change how you swing the club, and how the club performs for you. The same holds true for shaft flex – if we change shaft flex by “half a flex”, it can change how the club performs, and how it feels in your hands. It’s all about details, details, and more details.  What works for you likely isn’t the same combination that will work for your neighbor. Each of us has our own unique clubfitting “puzzle picture”.

We use some high-tech equipment to help us acquire data, and of course feedback from the golfer. By the time we’re done, hopefully you are a believer in custom clubfitting too. Fittings on average can take anywhere between 2.5 – 4 hours to complete (sometimes even more).

I do not build golf clubs "on-spec". On-spec is where you call or email me and ask me to build you a set with XXXX heads with YYYY shafts built to stiff flex (whatever the heck stiff flex means????). The reason I don't do this.....'cuz it's just wrong! If we're lucky we might get maybe two of the 20+ fitting variables correct. The only way to get the "right" set of clubs for YOU is to get fit for them first. You don't just go and purchase any old pair of eyeglasses without an eye exam do you? Of course not that would be silly. You go see the eye doctor first - he will help you determine what corrective lenses YOU need to see clearly, then you buy your glasses based on what perscription the doctor gives you. This way you can spend your hard-earned money wisely and purchase the "right" glasses for YOU without any guesswork.....and it's unlikely your eyeglasses perscription will be the same as your neighbor's. Make sense?


NOTE: As per agreements I have made with my suppliers - I DO NOT sell any of my golf components separately (heads or shafts by themselves), the only exception to that rule is grips. I only sell completed clubs that have been fit and built by me (no component sales).


Partner-up with the VERY Best


I am very fortunate to be associated with what I consider to be the VERY BEST suppliers in the whole industry, all of whom share a genuine dedication to the art of custom golf club fitting, and manufacturing components whose quality is second to none. Combine these superb components with proper custom fitting, the result will be top-notch golf clubs that help you improve, that match your swing, and allow you to play to your potential. Remember - golf is NOT a "one size fits all" game.

We are very pleased to have formed long-term "partnerships" with these awesome folks;

  • PXG Golf (Parsons Xtreme Golf)
    • Ultra premium golf club head designs
    • Tour approved by a pretty robust list of professional golfers on all tours that includes major winners
  • Swing Science (heads and shafts - we are a Swing Science Fitting Center)
    • Quality original designs
  • Tom Wishon Golf Technology (heads, shafts, grips - we are a TWGT Gold Dealer)
    • This golf industry icon has more than 50 industry "firsts"
    • Designs used regularly on all tours
  • Alpha Golf (premium heads and shafts)
    • Used on all tours
  • KBS Tour (golf shafts - we are a certified KBS Fitting Center)
    • Widely used, and one of the most popular steel shafts in all of golf
  • Accra (premium wood and iron shafts)
    • Premium shafts played by the world's best
    • VERY popular and widely used on all tours
  • Aerotech (high-tech composite shafts)
    • Premium tour quality, tournament winning quality, Fed-Ex Cup winning quality
    • Brandt Snedeker (2012 Fed-Ex Cup champion) Matt Kuchar, and more of your favourite PGA golfers put their trust in Aerotech for iron shafts
  • Pure Grips (premium grips)
    • Consistently tacky, all weather grips
    • Feel, comfort, and exceptional durability

You may or may not have heard these brand names before, but let me assure you they are well recognized within the custom industry. Many of them see regular duty on the Tours each and every week - they've been known to win tournaments, and even the odd Fed-Ex Cup. If tour players trust this equipment, you know it's gotta be good - and these guys have the opportunity to play whatever equipment they want to. Another REALLY neat fact about the pros using this gear is that they do not get paid to use it. They use it 'cuz they want to, not 'cuz they're endorsement floozies - kinda speaks volumes doesn't it. By the way, YES I play what I sell - this stuff makes up my own sets, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We DO NOT offer any "knock-offs" or "clones" in our line-up. Knock-offs and clones are designs that are made to mimic, imitate, or copy that of popular OEM designs - they are generally (1) cheap, and (2) poor quality. ALL of the products we represent and utilize are original designs that are premium quality - they are every bit as good (if not better) than the major OEM designs. In fact, many of the products we represent are found in the golf bags of PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour, and Tour players every week - and they win too! Plain and simple, the vendors we deal with make GOOD STUFF..... more better than good - GOODER!


Clubfitting Media


If you're seriously considering a personal fitting experience, please take the time to view the videos below. These videos were produced by some of my fellow AGCP members to help inform you about custom clubfitting. They are very informative, and should help you understand more about the process.


What you can expect from a professional clubfitter


Suggested books on clubfitting


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